Savings Thanks to your Cruise Control

Most cars are equipped with a cruise control to allow you not to exceed limits when driving on highways. Drivers can therefore focus their attention on road hazards rather than worry about respecting limits. No more excuses for inadvertently exceeded limits!

Did you know that in addition to ensuring your safety, your cruise control can help you save money? Here is how.

Obtain a Discount on Your Auto Insurance

To pay less auto insurance, set your cruise control to under 18 km/h above the speed limit. In the Mobiliz program, the speed criteria can in itself, decrease your monthly premium by 15%. It’s simple: respecting speed limits = more money in your pockets.

Less Frequent Fill-Ups

When you are on cruise control, you are not continually pressing the accelerator and brake. And as you know, your car’s accelerator consumes a lot of gas.

Studies reveal that maintaining a constant speed greatly lowers fuel consumption. In fact, it is more effective, energy-wise, to maintain your speed at 90 km/h than to alternately drive at 100 km/h and at 80 km/h.

Avoid Speeding Tickets

It’s vacation time. The weather is great and the road is clear. And then, oops! We realize we got distracted by the music and were driving way beyond the speed limit. Luckily there was no police around. That was a close call.

Everyone has experienced this situation at some point. But the unlucky few did end up with a speeding ticket. To avoid hefty speeding tickets, you are better off setting your cruise control on the highway.

Falling in a Car from the 14th Floor

Imagine you are in your car and you fall from the 14th floor. No, it is not a part of an action movie script.

It is actually an example to illustrate how violent an accident occurring at 100 km/h can be. In comparison, an accident at 50 km/h is equivalent to a 4-floor fall.

This data, from the Société d’assurance auto du Québec (SAAQ), is striking and reveals that speed increases risk of injury and fatal accidents.