Myth or Reality

My insurer will use the telematics device to follow my every move

False. Only the data which is used to determine your insurance premium– acceleration, braking, speed and kilometrage – shall be extracted. Unless the car owner allows other people to access his Mobiliz portal, the owner of the policy is the only person who has access to his data.

Exceptionally, information originating from the telematics device could be used to locate your car in case of robbery and to determine your eligibility for Mobiliz program.

Remember that the Mobiliz program is primarily aimed to actively contribute to improving driving behaviour. This is why Mobiliz will use the data for statistical purposes to study driving behaviours and their impact on road safety. And, as these are statistics, the data is not associated to any specific driver.

Driving under influence (D.U.I) is the major cause of accidents among 16 to 24-year-olds

False. The major cause of accidents among youths is speeding. Half of the deadly accidents in this age group involve speeding.

Nighttime driving is more risky than daytime driving

True. Two main reasons explain why nighttime driving is more risky.

Fatigue is to blame. At night, we are more tired, easily distracted and less focused on the road.

At night, visibility is reduced. We do not see as much as we do during the day and we see obstacles only when they enter our car’s light beam. We can also be blinded by other cars lights. Given that 90% of the information drivers need is visual, having good eyesight is not negligible.

Car insurance is mandatory in Quebec

True. Yes, you must insure your car to drive on roads in the province of Quebec. Your car insurance policy must cover damages that you can cause to others: to other vehicles, to a pole, a fence, etc. That coverage is known as civil liability coverage. The law obliges us to respect the minimum amount of $50, 000 for civil liability.